About this blog

fredrik-1602This is the blog of the multi channel consultant Fredrik Gustavsson. We are on the edge of seeing how e-commerce is about to change in the future to be more personal and much smarter than today.

In here, you will find my personal reflections and sometimes the solutions that I have found for them.

I work as a consultant in multi channel environments where I spend my days as implementor and business consultant in the areas about:

  • Product Information Management (PIM)
  • Multi channel commerce with a lot of e-commerce
  • Business development

To really know what I’m doing, I’m also running my own physical and online store where we sell LED-lighting products. We are currently working on a totally new solution for our online store and are hoping to make a big difference with the new solution since it will be much more like an e-commerce site of the future than one of today.

The company behind this blog is Jolix AB, an IT consultant company in Boden in the northern part of Sweden. We work mostly with clients in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.

Fredrik was in february 2016 awarded as a “Sitecore Most Valueable Professional” in the category “Commerce”. This is a huge thing for me that has been working with solutions for e-commerce for nearly 20 years.